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KYB SR4044 Strut Plus Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

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Industry experts agree and independent testing shows that by 50,000 miles most shocks and struts have enough wear to suggest replacement if your goal is to maintain your vehicle’s original performance.
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The KYB Strut Plus is a complete, ready-to-install corner unit. At the heart is a KYB Excel-G Strut with a performance-matched new coil spring that resists metal fatigue up to 600% more than the competitor's. It includes a new mount, boot, and spring insulators. The mount-to-strut clock position is already done for you. The KYB Strut Plus is both a time-saver and a problem solver. It's designed to help restore a vehicle's original ride control and ride height performance.

Brand KYB
UPC 781552586456
Weight 16.8
Part Series Strut Plus
Part Number SR4044
Cross Reference Currently Unavailable
Mfg. Name Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly
Mfg. Description Complete Corner Unit Assembly -Strut, Mount and Spring