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Check out this Sweet Collection of Automotive Concept Art

So have you seen All The Sketches? We're totally geeking out over this fun collection of automotive concept art, organized by make. According to the site, All The Sketches "was created as a reference resource for designers and design students," but it also makes for terrific eye candy for enthusiasts like us. Hope you enjoy it too.

Exclusive behind the scenes look At Amazons Grand Tour Filming

Here's what a real day of filming the Grand Tour looks like.

Free Hats to Celebrate the New

We're super-excited to finally launch the all-new, and to celebrate we're giving away hundreds of free hats to our customers! The good folks at Monroe® teamed up with us to provide the hats and we're going to ship them for FREE, included in every order until we run out. The hats are a comfortable adjustable design in black and yellow, featuring the and Monroe® logos. It's a good looking and comfortable hat, and we can't wait to see you wearing it. Order fast, because they won't last long.

Your Day is Going Better than This Guy's

Ever wonder if that parking valet has ever wrecked a really nice car? Like, say, a Lamborghini Aventador? Well, the answer yes. Where else but Monaco could you expect to see something like this… What can you say, but "ouch." That, and I wonder what kind of insurance the hotels in Monaco have to carry just to offer valet parking. Got a story to share about wrecking somebody else's car? Share it in the comments!
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