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Monroe 903938 Suspension Strut Mount

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#903938 #903938

Item Details

Monroe® Strut-Mate® mounting kits are direct fit replacements designed to complement the ride control characteristics of Monroe® struts. In addition, our full line will provide you with late model original equipment coverage. When doing strut replacements, it is important to do the complete job. This means not only replacing the struts but also inspecting and replacing worn strut mounts. Remember, worn strut mounts can adversely affect a vehicle's safety and handling. Not only are strut mounts a necessary component of the suspension system, they consist of rubber to metal bonded parts that wear out over time as well. Worn bearings may also cause noise, steering binding, vibration and vehicle pull. Strut-Mate® mounting kits can include (as applicable by OE design): Strut Mount, Bearing, Upper Spring Isolator, Lower Spring Isolator, or Upper Spring Seat.

Additional Info

Brand Monroe
SKU MON-903938
UPC 48598529381
Weight 4.0000
Part Series No
Part Number 903938
Cross Reference Currently Unavailable
Mfg. Name Monroe Strut-Mate Strut Mounting Kit
Mfg. Description Suspension Strut Mount

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