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KYB SM5203 Mount Components Strut Mounting Kit

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Item Details

A strut replacement job just isn't complete unless it includes new strut mounts and protective boots. Re-using old mounts can cause clunking noises and harsh vibrations. Old boots can leak and allow dirt and road debris to enter, which could damage the new strut. KYB Replacement Mounts include new body insulators, if required a new steering pivot bearing, and the attaching parts needed to complete the job right. KYB Strut Boots include a new poly-foam travel limiting bumper to cushion the strut and avoid bottoming-out conditions.

Additional Info

Brand KYB
UPC 781552006749
Weight 2.6500
Part Series No
Part Number SM5203
Cross Reference Currently Unavailable
Mfg. Name Suspension Strut Mounting Kit
Mfg. Description Strut Mount and Bearing

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