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KYB AGX Standard Kit for 2000 Honda Civic

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The KYB AGX Standard Kit for 2000 Honda Civic Kit Includes: 2 AGX Front Strut Assembly; 2 AGX Rear Strut Assembly

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KYB 741023 AGX Strut



KYB 741024 AGX Strut





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KYB AGX Standard Kit for 2000 Honda Civic

The KYB AGX puts YOU in control. It's a manually-adjustable shock or strut for drivers who want to dial in their own performance choices one corner at a time. The KYB AGX's damping rates can be adjusted up to 125% more than original equipment (OE) by turning a dial or, on some models, a screwdriver slot. Either way, you don't have to raise the vehicle or take the tires off to make the adjustments. The KYB AGX is a great choice for performance enthusiasts and when you want complete control of your vehicle's handling characteristics.

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Part Series AGX
Brand KYB

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