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KYB 743021 AGX Shock Absorber

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#743021 #743021

Item Details

The KYB AGX puts YOU in control. It's a manually-adjustable shock or strut for drivers who want to dial in their own performance choices one corner at a time. The KYB AGX's damping rates can be adjusted up to 125% more than original equipment (OE) by turning a dial or, on some models, a screwdriver slot. Either way, you don't have to raise the vehicle or take the tires off to make the adjustments. The KYB AGX is a great choice for performance enthusiasts and when you want complete control of your vehicle's handling characteristics.

Additional Info

Brand KYB
SKU KYB-743021
UPC 781552002284
Weight 5.8000
Part Series AGX
Part Number 743021
Cross Reference Currently Unavailable
Mfg. Name Shock Absorber
Mfg. Description Damping Rate Adjustable Shock
Extended Length 19.69
Compressed Length 13.78
Stroke 5.91

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