Who hasnt dreamed of having a fancy pants Rolls, or lusty Italian sports car in their driveway?  What if you could buy one for the price of an average used Toyota Camry?  We found some great examples of these fine machines and dare you to spend your hard earned cash on them LOL.  Will they provide many miles of #HappyMotoring, or would it have been easier to just burn those $100 bills before spending them?  Let us know your thoughts, and definitely let us know if you've ever been seduced into one of these purchases and what happened!!
  • Option #1 2002 Bentley Arnage Red Label  Cheap Exotics
Who wouldnt wish to ride with the luxury of the 6.75 litre V8 and lambswool carpets!  Besides, when new this car was over $216,000!!  Save quite a few benjamins and buy this one for only $21,900
  • Option #2 1990 Ferrari Mondial  ferrari-mondial
Not Quick, Not Red, but certainly still a Ferrari and a convertible to boot!  Save the $20k engine service, because that was already completed in 2012 (although it may be due again already).  But Hey, wouldnt you rather have a ferrari than a Focus??  Only $35,000 (seller says FIRM! price)