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  • We have a full line of KYB struts and shocks!

    We have a full line of KYB struts and shocks! 0
    Category: Promotions, Uncategorized and tagged KYB Shocks Struts on September 13, 2016 by David Perez. We're a big fan of KYB shocks and struts and have a full line!  Not only is KYB the world’s largest supplier of OE and aftermarket shocks and struts, coming standard on nearly 25% of the world’s automobiles ... they’re a popular choice among high performance enthusiasts! Click here to enter your vehicle and see the KYB parts for your vehicle.  KYB products deliver superior handling and ride comfort no matter what the road conditions. KYB Gas-a-Just, AGX Adjustable, Monomax, Strut-Plus pre-assembled units, and Excel-G Shocks and Struts utilize velocity-sensitive valving to automatically adjust to changing road conditions. You get a smooth, comfortable ride under normal driving conditions and firmer, more responsive handling when the driving gets serious. We have a full line of shocks, struts, strut boots, steering stabilizers, and shock mount hardware to suit your driving style!  Not sure which one is the best for you?  Email us at and also here's a link to some Videos to help you decide.  
    • We also have a great page to help you Learn more about shocks and struts.
    • Excel-G Shocks and Struts are built to restore the ride, control and handling back to the way your vehicle was when it was new
    • Strut-Plus complete assemblies use Excel-G struts and are fully pre-assembled and ready to install in your vehicle!  According to KYB "The KYB Strut-Plus is the best replacement strut assembly solution for vehicle specific, original equipment control and handling. KYB does not cut corners or take a one-size–fits-all approach when designing and manufacturing the Strut-Plus. Many competitors’ loaded assemblies combine vehicle applications to increase coverage. Unlike competitors, KYB manufactures corner-specific part numbers suitable to help restore designed performance for varying engine sizes, ride heights, vehicle weights and left & right specific applications."
    • Gas-A-Just shocks and struts provide a firmer ride and additional control through their monotube design and valving.  They're perfect for trucks and SUV's
    • Monomax heavy duty performance upgrade shocks give you maximum control for trucks and SUV's
    • AGX shocks and struts are externally adjustable so you can tune the ride to the firm/softness you desire for the situation you are in.  They are adjustable without the need to lift the vehicle or removal of the tires.
  • Free Hats for Orders over $100

    Free Hats for Orders over $100 0
    Category: Promotions and tagged Hats on October 30, 2015 by David Perez.

    Well, I was going through the warehouse and found a box that was out of place.  I open it up and what did I find?  More Hats!  We only have 100 of them left, and I'm not allowed to keep one for myself...  Any order over $100 will receive a hat for free!

  • Free Hats to Celebrate the New

    Free Hats to Celebrate the New 9
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    We're super-excited to finally launch the all-new, and to celebrate we're giving away hundreds of free hats to our customers! The good folks at Monroe® teamed up with us to provide the hats and we're going to ship them for FREE, included in every order until we run out.

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